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I want to give a brief overview of the project. This project was done to create the brand identity of a charity. This would include different aspects of it as a way to show a variety of assets and then... Continue Reading →

Weekly Diary

This will be where I will record all my weekly progress up until the deadline. I decided to do it weekly since it makes it more organized. WEEK 1: 20/03/18 Since this was the first week of the FMP, we... Continue Reading →

Creating the app

For the app, I started off by doing research on previous apps and things that related to the app that would influence it for example with the colors I decided in the logo and for the campaign (orange, blue and... Continue Reading →


For the photos I would use for the project, I retrieve them from royalty/copyright free websites, so that I can freely use them for my project. It's important that the photos are royalty free so that no legal actions are... Continue Reading →

Campaign creation

For the campaign, I want to create series of assets that resemble each other in a style. One of the ideas I have is using lines. The lines would represent their path, a straight infinite path to a better life... Continue Reading →

Campaign Research

After a bit of working on the charity, I decided to make a marketing campaign. A marketing campaign is a set of actions to promote a service. The actions I will be producing consist of posters, merchandise and other types... Continue Reading →

Health and Safety

Since all my work is digitally based, I won't need to work a whole lot outside so there's a low chance of danger. However, there are some key thing I will need to watch out for when working. It is important that... Continue Reading →

Font         Final decision   I decided to go for a font that was not to corporate looking and looked a little rough as if it was handwritten by a younger... Continue Reading →

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