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When thinking about the poster and retrieving posters for inspiration and the mood board,  I wanted to look for something different. For the posters, I wanted to create something more modern and less of the usual posters whereby it guilts people into it. Although it’s effective, it is more of a quick effect on the viewer. I think with something more modern and friendlier, it will allow the viewer to be more intrigued by the cause of the charity and it’s work, making it more of a long-term donator. Also, it appeals to more people and a wider audience since it’s more friendly to a younger audience. Soi came out with the posters above. Really colourful and with different concepts to the common charity posters.

I then looked at Shepard Fairey. I looked at his posters and the style of them and the way he portrays people, especially when that person is at a disadvantage or in need of help and it could be a really cool idea. To incorporate a very modern artist and to shy away from the norm.


The style of these posters really grabs your attention and the colours stand out from the black and white world. The focus that he uses on people with the ripped up newspaper really brings the statement out and grabs your attention further. the others can be used to show another message, to express what the country provides and how it’s slowly fading away with the condition these kids in poorer places are living in. It can be about preserving what we have and allowing them to get further up the ladder instead of keeping them under the constant cycle of poverty.



I will be going to a few local charities to collect some research on the sort of graphics they have, for example, graphics on windows, brochures, posters. This will allow me to produce some primary research and get a first-hand look at the charities. Bellow


Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 10.09.11.png

Save the Children

Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 10.13.21.png

Green Peace

Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 10.15.09.png


Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 10.18.08.png

The Children’s Hospital Charity 

Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 10.19.23.png


Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 10.23.02.png


Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 09.27.38Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 09.27.55Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 09.28.06



Logo development of charities

Charity logo research

For my first task, I wanted to design the charity logo first so I can get the bases of the brand and its identity. From the logo and how it is represented and what it shows you can see what kind of audience you’re appealing too or what the brand is about. To begin with I looked at already existing charity logos and tried to pick out key things that make them stand out and the common factors of them. I made a mood board so I can get a good overview of existing logos and extra inspiration.


After looking at the mood board it was clear that there are three very common colours. These are red, blue and green. The colours form part of the brand identity and it is an indicator of the whole brand and when looking at each of the logos websites, you can see that the colour associated with the logo is then transferred into the website and any other graphics associated with the brand. Red is most commonly used. It’s very vibrant and it gives off a sense of activeness. These charities aren’t a profit organisation so the red shows the willingness and passion for the cause they support, it makes you feel the passion and the love coming through and it does make you want to donate because you know that the money you put in will go into great use. Since my charity is about helping kids and preparing them for the future in power countries, I think it would be right to use red to show the fire that the kids have inside them and the possibilities they have.

When you look at the logos themselves you can see what they represent mostly, even without the writing. For example, save the children, you can see a human whereby it’s almost being circled to emphasise it. The Children’s hospital charity has this teddy bear which is mainly associated with kids or people of a young age and then the bandage shows an injury. This can be so it relates to the kind of children they are helping and since it’s hospital-based, the kids can relate to the logo as well. Unicef has two very clear things, people and the globe. The child is being picked up so you can already see a focus on the child and the world just shows that is a global organization.

After doing my research I created a series of logo sketches. My charity is about helping children in poorer places, however, I wanted to focus on the globe and the letter ‘WF’. The globe because this is about providing the children of now with better lives, providing the future generation with a better life and in return a better world. So I implemented those two elements into the logo, below you can see the sketches I made.



I then moved onto the PC to recreate some of what I thought were the best ones.

Artboard 20-100

For the logos, I created a nice variety of logos. In different styles and using different effects. I created the globe that would be the main foundation for the sketches so that I can then just quickly copy and paste it and continuously use it. Some of them obviously turned out better than others and fit more of its purpose. The logo at the top in the middle is very modern, however, it seems like something for a clothing brand, however, it does give another aspect on charity logos and opens up the boundaries. You also have a negative space logo in the left middle, creating the ‘F’ with negative space, giving it a modern look. The rest of the logos are pretty similar so what I decided to do is use the 3 different logos below for different purposes.

Artboard 21-100

I chose these 3 logos since they are similar to each other but still offer a different style. The middle one would be used for more web situations such as in the website and in the app since it’s very clear, there’s not much going on and it has a very clean look. The others, since they have a more round shape, they are more fit for merchandise for they would be used more on merchandise side, this can be for posters, T-shirts, worker uniforms and even in toys. I think the logos work well, the globe represents everything, the charity works to put children at a disadvantage at an advantage by providing them with teaching and skills that would help them in life now and in the future. Then the blocky font shows stability and strong foundations.


FMP – Treatment

Working Title – WF

Genre – A Charity Organisation. Graphic design.

Target Audience – The charity will be targeted at an older audience since they are more able to donate money and use their disposable outcome for charity. However, there can also be targeted at a younger since they can do some fundraising too.

Outline – The project will be creating a charity that focuses on helping children in poor places by using long-term solutions to help them in the long run. The long-term solutions include teaching them English or another language, providing essential education, providing workshops to learn life skill with cultivating or about the nature around them,The thing that differs this charity from others is that you’re able to select which country your money goes to, depending on how much money has already been donated (if a country is really popular in donations, it may be paused so that there’s more help on the rest of the world). This offers a very personal connection with the charity and your donation. We live in an age whereby money is easily taken out and knowing where that money goes and seeing how it helping people allows the user to feel more confident about using the charity. We provide a personal experience by sending the user pictures of the progress of the building and getting messages and a picture of the residents being helped with a possible message from them included.

Rationale – I have chosen this idea for my project as it allows me to use my software skills and also graphic design skills to be able to design a brand identity. It would also be good since it allows me to prepare even more for the next years when I do graphic design at Uni. I have been researching and watching a lot of videos on graphic design, about good and bad work and I think I have a good eye for good stuff so when creating I will be able to use this on my work. I also have good knowledge of the software allowing me to create a lot of the things I want. However, if I do have any obstacles in my way I can research online, with books and with videos.

Primary and Secondary Research – I have done research on existing charities and how their brand is presented and looking into the sort of devices they are involved in. Also, a big thing is the kind of help they provide seeing how they differ depending on the service they provide. I have also looked into different charity logos and see how they portray themselves through posters and through letterheads. All this research allows me to make a good charity identity that is able to compete with that of existing charities.

Requirements and Resources – For the project, I will need the software Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Muse and XD and since I have an Adobe membership I have access to these outside of college. I will also need a computer which I have both in and outside of college

Constraints and Contingency – I’m likely to encounter problems with staying on subject. Since I have full control of the charity I will need some restraints on myself so that I don’t go too far that it stops being a charity. For this, I will use the above outline to keep myself on track and use the research I did to keep me informed of works in charities to stay within my charity theme. I will also get some problems with creating stuff that I don’t know how to so I will use tutorials and research to aid me.

Legal and ethical considerations – Since I will be creating a charity I will need to be aware of the content and graphics I use since it’s a sensitive subject. Also if I do some sort of advertising that uses sound I will need to make sure that the track is copyright free. The same goes for images.

Budget – I would need to think about the cost of developing the app and getting it onto the App Store or google store. I would also need to think about the cost of developing the website and then get a domain for it and it’s monthly cost.

Schedule – I will have a deadline of 2 months from now whereby I should have the whole assignment finished, but since I have the software at home it will be a lot easier to do and I can manage time a lot better and also give myself around 2 weeks for any problems that may occur, for research and for enhancing my software skills.


The research I will undertake:

For this project, I will research various charities that provide long term and short term solutions around the world like Oxfam, Christian Aid, and the Red Cross. The Red Cross is a good one since it works in a lot of countries and therefore provides a lot of schemes and case studies of previous works. The one I will be looking at the most, however, is Save the Children UK. This charity works around the world providing various methods of help for children so it really suits my charity and is very similar. When looking into these charities I will be looking at the kind of schemes they provide, mainly looking at long-term schemes since that’s what my charity will provide and what I will advertise. I will be looking into their website design and how the organize all of their information, looking into their layout. I will also be looking into past advertisement such as posters, leaflets, any tv advertisement. I will be looking at their colour scheme and how their identity affects aspects of the charity with the layout and what the focus is on. I will be looking into some books as well to do with logo design and contemporary posters. This allows me to get some physical research and also help me when designing the different aspects of the charity.

Since all work will be done digitally I’m able to have a smaller budget and all that will be needed will be for when I will be displaying the work and printing it. I will be assessing this project by comparing it to other charity websites and seeing if it keeps the same standard as them. The end goal is to see if I’m able to produce something that looks believable in being a charity and also if it’s effective in getting people to donate. I will be getting peers and students to assess my work all the way through and working on their feedback to improve my work. I will note down the feedback I am given and the improvements I make due to the feedback.


I chose to do this design as from my research and sketches above, it seemed within my reach and level of experience in the software but also other things. It was a very simple but effective design for the website. One of the things I wanted to keep the most, from looking at other portfolio websites, was the simplicity and focus on the visual aspect instead of this was because, when looking at the websites the extra written information didn’t seem that useful and it didn’t really capture my attention anywhere near as much as the photos or picture of the work. I understand that this may be different for other viewers but I think overall it was a good decision. Design 4 also offered a good opportunity for a master page which allows me to make sure to keep a constant pattern and I think consistency is important to make the website interesting and also not overwhelm the viewer. Also this design offered a nice clear layout, separating the navigation bar from the work.

After figuring out the design of the website, I then went onto the logo. I drew some sketches on my sketchbook, using images and other logos or shapes as inspiration. I picked and designed the best ones from my sketchbook, on Illustrator. I created a variety to see how they all worked and refined each a little. I chose to go for the 6th design from the images above, as it had a nice shape and some good symmetry to it which would also go well with the website. This logo works well in black and white and also when shrieked it still keeps it shape and is sill distinguishable. After that I worked on a colour scheme.

While working on the colour schemes, I noticed that the logo was a little unbalanced, so I tried out putting a circle under the “P” to balance the weights with the “B” and it worked out well. For the colour schemes I did some colours that stand out to me as a person and I am close with, as I wanted to portray my self on the website too. For the colour scheme I chose the last one with a soft blue and a somewhat creamy white. These two are easy on the eye and also don’t look too formal and still have a sense of creative. I chose this because the other ones has either a superhero feel to it, where to bright or made me seem like a big corporate organisation. The logo above is the final logo with the colour scheme too.

Firstly you see the master page. This page is the one that is placed on every other page apart from the landing page/home page. It includes the background creamy colour, found on the logo and the navigation bar. For the bar and the rest of the website, I chose to use the font “Futura” as it offers a nice clean look and it’s thickness and shape suits the website and logo. This page is very simple and keeps the users attention on the rest of the website.

The next page was the home. I wanted this one to be different and really stand out that’s its me. For this I put the logo in the centre and had to find a way to remove the master page from the page. Like the rest of the website. I had to make various trips to the internet since I was new to the software and wanted to execute things that I wasn’t familiar with. I looked at videos and different webpages and found my solutions all the time. This page is heavy on negative space, giving the text and logo a lot of breathing room and allowing the reader to be able to take all the information in.

Th next page was the portfolio page. For this I wanted to present my work but keep it visual. I used single image light boxes but it was difficult and once again I had to do some research to find out about it. Having just the light boxes and then some writing underneath each picture, writhing the light box, makes the website have a constant clean and visual look. For this page I also wanted to keep everything aligned according to each other so that it keeps a constant look.

The next page was the about me page. For this page I didn’t want to have to much text. I didn’t want to have too much history, just key elements and things that are big on me. The logo instead of a picture also allows me to keep the theme continuous as a picture would just seem a little out of place of the website.

The last page was the contact page. Since I didn’t have any social media for this portfolio I just focused on the platforms where I had school work on and showing my email. Like this the viewer could view more detailed versions of my work and also see research and testing on YouTube. I implemented hyperlinks onto the buttons so that the user would open a new tab and be directed to my YouTube page or WordPress. This also allowed me to fulfil the brief requirements also.

Overall I do believe that I fulfilled the task well and learnt a lot also about the software, Muse, that I used to create the website. I manage to reach all the requirements and was able to produce something that works and also looks good which is always key. For the next time I do something like this I would allow more to me to create the website and work with Muse because the software, for me, was difficult to use. Bellow is a picture of the file structure I used. It proved pretty difficult to keep track of all the files since there was a lot of testing and a lot of pictures involved. Luckily I was able to copy a lot of the graphics from the pixel by pixel design on Illustrator and paste them onto Muse which allowed me to create the website.

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